Year 6 Transition

Welcome to Springwood High School!

Making the move from Year 6 to Year 7 is an exciting time, with lots of changes to prepare for: a new timetable, new teachers and even new friends.

This page has been set up to help you and your child to transition from Primary to Secondary Education

Year 6 Transition Information - September 2020

Despite the uncertain times that we are experiencing at present, Springwood High School wants  to reassure  all our prospective new parents, and students, with regard to some aspects of you joining us in September.

Due to these unforeseen circumstances  it is unlikely that we will be holding our usual two days of induction in the Summer term, although if we can, we will!

However, in the absence of these transition days, we will ensure a full induction programme for our new Year 7 students when we open.

For further information regarding your child joining us in September please click on the link below:

Latest Information and Updates for September 2020 - 13 July 2020

Year 7 September 2020 - Information Letter to Parents - April 2020 


As we are unable to host you on an Induction day this year, we have put together a couple of videos that we hope will help you feel more at ease about your child and you  joining us in September.

 Mr Johnson, Executive Headteacher, Springwood High School.


Mr Bliss  presentation for the parents of those joining us in September. 

PE Department Presentation 



We hope that you found these presentations helpful and we all looking forward to meeting you in person very soon.

We will send out more details as soon as we have them but if you have any other concerns or queries, please direct them to the Year 7 office at

We will also be posting news and information on the website so please start visiting this page on a regular basis.

The below resources and summer tasks will help you and your child to prepare for their transition to secondary education. 

Useful Resources 2020

To help students and parents make the move a little bit easier we’ve created the following resources that we hope you will find useful:

Year 7 - Welcome Booklet 

Parent Information Booklet





Be Awesome, Go Big is a package to help Year 6 students transition into Year 7. It can be used by students and parents at home or in school with teachers in class. It is designed to be motivational, helpful and reassuring and to help young people feel valued, loved, encouraged and equipped for the journey ahead.

The resources are based on bestselling children’s books You Are Awesome by Matthew Syed and Go Big: The secondary school survival guide by Matthew Burton. 

We can highly recommend the books as great reads for both students and parents.


These resources provide information, tips and questions to help you open up discussion with your child about the transition and help prepare them for starting secondary school:

Getting Ready to Go Big 2020 Growth Mindset - Parent Pamphlet
Helping your child get into good habits - Parent Pamphlet Making the Change - Parent Pamphlet
Transition into secondary school - Parent-Pamphlet Building Resilience - Parent Pamphlet


These resources have been created to prepare Year 6 pupils for the transition to secondary school.

The lessons are based on the books You Are Awesome by Matthew Syed and Go Big by Matthew Burton. Each session will take pupils through some big ideas to help them on their way to secondary school.

Children should work through each interactive lesson, recording their answers in the accompanying workbook:

Be Awesome Go Big - Workbook
Getting Ready to Go Big 2020
Session 1 - Being awesome Session 2 - Unlocking your mind
Session 3 - Dare to take risks Session 4 - Making the change
Session 5 - Lost but not lost Session 6 - Bouncebackability
Session 7 - What is normal anyway Session 8 - Friendships and fallouts
Session 9 - Living-well  


Safer Schools Partnership

Springwood High School is part of the Safer Schools Partnership and we have our very own Police Officer that comes into school to give us help and advice on lots of things.

Meet Tory from our Safer Schools Team below:


Transition Work and Summer Tasks - 2020

Your child will be asked to complete a series of tasks during the 2020 summer holidays, prior to their first day at Springwood High School. Please click on the links below to view and download the tasks.

Maths - Transition Taster Booklet 

Please click on the link below to view the Maths Taster booklet that has some interesting information about the Maths department as well as some tasks for you to do while you are preparing to transition.

Maths - Year 6 - Taster Booklet

Maths - Numerise Website - Transition Work

Numerise is a maths app/website which incorporates a  specifically designed course called 'Secondary Ready'  to help Year 6 students who will be transitioning to Year 7 in September 2020.

The 'Secondary Ready'  course  will help keep our current year 6 children mathematically fresh over this difficult period  and help bridge the gap between Year 6 and Year 7 maths.  

Current Year 6 parents and students can sign up to Numerise  free of charge until September. If you wish to try this out please follow the link below to sign up.

Numerise App


The booklet below introduces the English Department and includes details of the Summer Task they wish you to complete and hand in when you join Springwood High School in September.

Year 6 English Booklet and Summer Task 

They have also put a short video together to introduce the department and the team. Click here to view


The Science Department is looking forward to welcoming you in September. Below is a short task for you to complete before you return to school:

Lab Safety - Spot the Hazard Summer Task 

They have also put together a short video from one of the Science Labs, Click here to watch it, it may help you with your Summer Task!

Additional tasks  will be available for download in due course

Year 7 - 2020 - Virtual Performance of 'I'm a Believer'

Although we were not able to put on the annual Primary Concert at St Nicks this year, we would still love to be able to give the new year 7 students an opportunity to record a song remotely that we can use to welcome you to Springwood in a few weeks.

We have chosen ‘I’m a Believer’ which most of you will already know as Donkey and Dragon sing this as a duet at the end of one of the Shrek movies. Parents might even remember the original Monkees version!

We’d like as many of the new Y7 students as possible to video yourself singing the song and send it in – the end result will look something like the video we put together with Radio Norfolk for the VE day anniversary in June – if you haven’t already seen it, you can watch it by following this link -

All you need to do is to read and follow the instructions below.

Year 7 - September 2020 - Instructions for Virtual Performance 

Student Details Form

Videos and Student Details Form need to be submitted no later than Friday 21st August 2020 to the following email address:

Please click on the links below for the lyrics and backing track for your year group. 

I'm a Believer - Lyrics (all year groups)

Backing Track - Team Dragon - Students in year groups  7B1, 7F1, 7H1, 7O1 and 7S1

Backing Track - Team Donkey - Students in year groups  7B2, 7F2, 7H2, 7O2 and 7S2

Transition Activities

Transition Activity 1- Reading a Timetable 

Have a look at the powerpoint and see if you can work out how to read a timetable.  This is an actual Year 7 timetable.  Don't worry if you find it tricky - your Form Tutor will be able to help you with your real one!

Click on image to view

Transition Activity 2 - Watch This......





Food Technology

Looking forward to Food Tech classes? Then why not take a look at some of the dishes you will be doing when you join us in September.

If you want to give your cooking skills a trial then why not have a go at Miss T's - Chocolate Orange 1,2,3 Biscuits.

To see the challenges that our current Year 7 students have been doing whilst we have been in lockdown, please  click on the links below:

Questions and Answers


  1. Where can we put our belongings? (like lockers etc)
    Sadly, there is no locker space in Springwood.It is too big a site and there is too much movement around it to make this sensible.I think there was security issues when they had them in the past….So you will need to look ahead and check your timetable each day, bring the books and equipment that you need and keep a sensible school bag with you.
  2. What happens if I am late because I get lost?
    Nothing – at first.You will have an older student helping you to find your next classroom for the first few days and we do not expect you to remember everything.However, you will be expected to know your way around after a few days and be on time for lessons. Everyone gets lost at first, but you will soon get to know your way around.
  3. What will we do on our first day?
    You will spend most of your first day with your Form Tutor and you will go over quite a few of the basics.You will get a chance to meet new classmates and you will get your timetable.You will probably have a chance to look around properly.In fact, we plan for you to have two or three days with just Year 7 in school to help you to get settled.
  4. What is happening about uniforms?
    You should have read the update in the pack.Uniforms can be ordered and then there will be a pick up time slot allocated.For queries about what to buy and sizing, contact
  5. What things can I do at lunchtime? (Can I play sports then?)
    Eat and get some fresh air!Yes, you can play outdoor sports (and some clubs run at lunchtimes…..)Year 7 have a field allocated to them that only Year 7 pupils can go on.
  6. Who will be in charge of year 7? Who are the heads of house?
    Mr Bliss is the Head of Year 7 and Mrs Eveson is the Year Manager (check out the introductions to Staff on the website). There are no longer Heads of House.
  7. When will I be given my timetable?
    You will probably get your timetable on the first day in school and your Form Tutor will help you to go through it and understand it.There is an example on the website that you can look at if you like.
  8. How big is the school? (How many classrooms, teachers, pupils, pupils per class etc?)
    The school has about 1750 students in it.It is divided into six sections and each has between 10 and 15 classrooms.There are specialist areas like Music, Drama, Dance, Construction etc. so there are probably over 100 different rooms available.
  9. What school trips are there in year 7? What other trips are there?
    Usually, there are interesting trips for Year 7, though some have been cancelled this year because of the virus.However, there were trips to France, the Zoo and to all of the “Houses” that we have in school.Other trips include going to the theatre and museums and reward trips to Cambridge and Norwich.We really do hope to have lots available for you next year.
  10. How do we know what classroom to go to and how are they labelled?
    You will have a timetable that tells you where to go and in the early days you will have someone to help you get from place to place.All of the classrooms have numbers on them, so they are quite easy to find.Have a look at the map exercise on the website and take a rainy tour around!
  11. How much homework will we get and how long will it take?As you settle in to your new school, you will also learn to do some work at home.Not too much to start with and you should be able to do it in an hour or so after school has finished.HW will gradually increase in quantity and challenge as you move through the school so it is a really good ideas to get into good habits when it comes to doing HW.
  12. What time does school start and finish?
    Pupils are expected to be in school by 8.40am and Tutor time begins at 8.50am.The school closes at 3.25pm
  13. Will we be put into sets?
    You will have quite a few lessons in your Tutor Group to start with.This will be the case for Art, Music , Drama etc and will be the case for English and languages.Some subjects such as Maths and Science may well decide to put you into groups based upon your ability, though these tend to be very broad spreads of ability in the early stages of Year 7.
  14. What extra roles can people do? E.g school council etc
    You will be given the chance to take responsibilities within the tutor group and also in the Year.We will have a Year Council.There is a School Council.
  15. What sports do you do in PE?
    Lots and lots.Probably too many to mention here, but the opportunities to get involved in sports are incredible.In addition to the sports that you do in lessons, there are sports clubs taking place nearly every day and often at weekends.There will be lots of information posted onto the website about this shortly.
  16. How many lessons are there in a day?
    You have a tutor period to start the day and then two lessons before morning break.You then have one lesson before lunch and two in the afternoon. Five lessons in total.
  17. What food is served in the canteen?
    There is a hot main meal every day and plenty of salad options.Drinks and snacks are also available.A main meal option in £1.60 and there are plenty of drinks and snacks for less than £1 available.
  18. What is the reward system like?
    There are several layers of this. All pupils can gain achievement points for working well and attending regularly etc.These build up over the course of the year. There are also competitions between the houses that will result in rewards and prizes.The Year 7 pupils follow a challenge called A Hero throughout the year.
  19. Can you mix with people in other houses?
    Yes.  You will make lots of new friends at Springwood and you will not always have your lessons with people from the same House.  You can meet up with your friends at break and lunch-time and you will get involved in lots of activities where the pupils are from all of the five houses.
  20. How long is lunch and what is the food like in the canteen?
    Lunch is from 12.35pm to 1.20pm and lessons start at 1.25pm in the afternoon.  The food is great, with plenty of variety and choices each day.
  21. Can we wear make-up?
    Light make-up may be worn but must be very discrete.  No false eyelashes and hair must not be dyed in an unnatural colour.  No nail varnish and acrylic nails are not allowed in school.  (Basically, avoid wearing make up in school – there is no need for it.)
  22. Can we bring in/use mobile phones?
    Although you can bring them to school with you, they must be turned off and out of sight between 8.40am and 3.25pm. 
  23. What do we do/where do we go at break and lunch?
    You are free to use the whole site at break and lunchtimes.  You must eat and relax and get some fresh air.  There are clubs and activities and you have a Year 7 area that you can use.  Breaks and lunchtimes are your free time.


Letters from Year 7 

Please click on the link below to read letters from our current Year 7 students about their experiences of starting school at Springwood High School:

Letters from Year 7