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Specialist Arts Places

Up to 10% of available places will be allocated to pupils’ living outside the catchment area on a basis of aptitude in the Performing Arts and regardless of distance, provided that their parents assume responsibility for these pupils transport to and from school and the costs thereof. 13 places will be available for Drama and 14 for Music.

All pupils who apply will be invited to come to school to complete the aptitude test. In Music, this will be an aural test and in Drama a practical activity.  An independent assessor will rank applicants in order of aptitude so that places can be offered accordingly.   

All those who apply will be given an appointment to come to Springwood on Sunday 13th October 2024 to complete the aptitude test. Please note there are no alternative dates.

Further guidance and information will be sent to you with confirmation of your appointment.

Pupils taking the tests will be supervised by appropriately qualified and trained staff. The tests will be brief and straightforward. No preparation is required, as these are tests of aptitude, not achievement. Pupils applying for Drama and Music will need to sit both tests.

Pupils’ performance will be assessed by an independent assessor (not an employee of the school). The assessor will rank the pupils in order of merit. Minimum levels of artistic aptitude will be set, which the pupil will need to meet to be considered for entry via an Arts place.

To download a Specialist Arts Admissions Form please click here

Completed forms are to be returned by 27th September 2024 to:
Mrs R Saxby
PA to the CEO
Springwood High School
King’s Lynn
PE30 4AW