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Simply The Best!

Our Magistrates team had a celebratory lunch today with Paul Bland, Stuart Hall and Graham Howard, in recognition.  As on Saturday 7th March, Springwood High School became the winning team of the Magistrates Mock Trial Competition for the third year running!

The event took place at Great Yarmouth Magistrates’ Court and saw 13 students take on a variety of roles from solicitors and clerks, to defendants and witnesses.

Performances were judged by Magistrates and legal professionals and the criteria covered a wide range of skills such as ability to question and follow-up responses, exploring witness statements, etc.

This year’s case was about the theft of a mobile phone and involved two rounds of competition against two different schools. Hayley Roberts, project co-ordinator commented:

‘It’s a great way for the students to get first-hand experience of how the justice system works. What’s even better, is that they genuinely enjoy the rehearsals and preparation sessions and have even managed to watch some real trials taking place in Court’.

The students will go on to compete in a regional heat in May where they will have to prepare the defence and prosecution for a new case.

We wish them the best of luck!