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Recycling Bins


 Round dry mixed recycling bins should be in classrooms

 Offices should have slimline mixed recycling bins 

Each recycling bin has a clear plastic bag in order to see its contents.


Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminium cans and clean food trays are to be recycled.
  • New bins will be emptied by the cleaners when full, or as required.
  • The new bins have replaced the temporary paper recycle boxes provided by the Environment Committee, so please empty these into the new bin.  The committee will no longer empty the boxes.
  • Any large recycling that does not fit in the bin, i.e. tall cardboard, or heavy loads will have to be collected by the caretakers. Therefore, you will need to raise a ticket via Service Desk Caretakers
  • Please remember to continue to use the shredding bins (ie blue wheelie bins) for any sensitive documents.
  • Please place in the closest recycling bin any unwanted paper from the photocopies.
Happy recycling!