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Pastoral Support System

Each year has a Head of Year and a Year Manager. This means that the monitoring of academic progress is better focused and support and intervention put in place has had a greater impact on our students. We have since taken the decision to make the same change to the pastoral support in order to further improve the whole experience for our students. 

Below is a list of staff and direct telephone numbers to support this system:

Year Group

Head of Year

Year Manager

Direct Dial number

Year 7 Mr D Hobbs Ms J Craig 01553 778099
Year 8 Mr A Bliss Mrs J Eveson  01553 779408
Year 9 Mrs R Davies Mrs R Saxby 01553 778092
Year 10 Mr M Scoles Miss T Wright 01553 779405
Year 11 Mr P Cuss Mrs J Robinson  01553 778090