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London Here We Come! - June 2019

After successfully winning the first round of the Young Citizens Mock Trials competition in Peterborough on the 9th of March, our focus turned to the second round in Mansfield on the 18th May. We received a new case which we had to prepare during the Easter holidays, and had around 3-4 weeks to rehearse for what was going to be a much trickier round.

The case for this round was concerning an assault on a taxi driver on the 26th January 2019, after the first case which was to do with the alleged stealing of a mobile phone with the defendant riding a moped. This case was harder to get our heads around, but after a few weeks in the Easter break of familiarising ourselves with what was going on, we had a month to crack on with getting ready for the competition. Unfortunately, we had fewer rehearsals to practice this time around, but everyone independently learnt their pieces, so it could all be put together on a trip to King’s Lynn Court on the 17th May. The experience was extremely helpful as we got to have a full-length run through and get feedback from our teammates. We also got this opportunity before the first round, and it certainly helped!

So, everyone was prepared for the day. It wasn’t as much of an early start as last time as the competition day was split into AM and PM, but we arrived at school ready to leave at 10:15am. It took two and a half hours to get to the Court House in Mansfield.

Our prosecution team was made up of Jannis (Lawyer), Anoushka (Victim/witness), Finley (legal advisor), Craig (witness) and Nicola  (lawyer) plus the three magistrates (Harry, Alex and Shereen), who were in court and taking notes for prosecution and defence. They were up against St. Grahams Academy and performed very well throughout. Then it was up to the defence, which consisted of Emily (lawyer), Merissa (lawyer), Myself (Mackenzie, witness), Neyah (usher), and Mia (defendant) – and again the three magistrates – as this time we were against Cedar Mount Academy. The school that we didn’t get to compete against but where taking part was Littleport. Overall, we felt we performed well and didn’t make any mistakes which is always the biggest worry.

It is worth noting that the verdict of the case does not determine who wins the competition, but the way that it is presented and the character you show, so if one team won the case, it may not be that team who win the round overall.

Once all the ‘acting’ was over, as the courtroom is known as being a ‘show’, we were playing the waiting game, eager/nervous to find out the results. And when we found out, we were over the moon and screamed “we are HEADING TO THE FINALS!!!!” It was down to a team effort and full commitment since being picked to compete over 3 months ago. 

But, as always, as a team we have to thank everyone who has supported us or helped us in any way, shape or form. Most importantly Miss Roberts, who without her, we wouldn’t have entered this competition at all and has helped us win with her tireless commitment to the cause. On top of that, we’d like to thank Young Citizens for hosting the competition and Miss Howell for looking after us at all times!

So, onwards and upwards to the Royal High Courts of London on the 15th June, where we will be competing against the best from across the country!


Mackenzie, Year 8