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Green Achievement Points and Winners of the Eco Warrior Badge

Green Achievement Points
These will be awarded to any pupil who shows particular interest in any environmental issues or who contributes notably to any of the school’s different ‘green’ initiatives or someone who simply takes care to use the recycling bin. 

This also includes any students from the Sixth Form.

Examples of how to receive Green Achievement Points are:

  • using recycling bins diligently 
  • helping out with litter picking 
  • picking up rubbish 
  • using refillable bottles
  • making a conscious effort to being kind and courteous to the environment  
  • any other green initiative the student was involved in the wider community

Top achievers will have their names displayed each month on the Environment Committee noticeboard in the Sandringham corridor, and they may also be awarded ‘Eco Warrior’ badges.

Any pupil that shows environmental initiative in the community, will also be awarded Green Achievement Points. Please inform Mrs Munns so that the points can be awarded to their record.

Winners of the Most Achievement Points
The winners of the most achievement points collected and therefore the winner of the Eco Warrior badge is: