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French Work Experience

Springwood's French department has a partnership with The lycée Raoul Vadepied in Évron, in the Mayenne area of France .

The lycée Raoul Vadepied is an Educational establishment which takes children from 3 to 18+. It offers a wide range of courses including technical and academic studies. The students who visit us from the school are usually aiming towards a career in which they will need a qualification in English for their baccalaureat( ‘A’ LEVEL). Springwood students do work experience there and work as assistants in the English Department and they stay with local families, teachers or students’ families.

This year pupils from both schools complete a work experience placement in the partner school. Year 12 pupils from Springwood have the opportunity to visit the French school at the beginning of April and the return visit is planned for February 2022.

Look at the French school website for more information by clicking here.