French Work Experience

Springwood's French department has a partnership with The Jeanne D'Arc school , situated in Champagnole, France, very close to Geneva and the Swiss border.

Jeanne D’Arc  is an Educational establishment which takes children from 3 to 18+. It offers a wide range of courses including technical and academic studies. It's European option offers language studies. The students who visit us from Jeanne D'Arc are usually aiming towards a career in which they will need a qualification in English ( eg tourism / commerce / banking ). When Springwood students do work experience there they usually work as assistants in the English Department and they stay with local families, teacher or students' families.

Each year pupils from both schools complete a work experience placement in the partner school. Year 11-13 pupils from Springwood usually visit Jeanne D'arc during the Spring term and the return visit takes place towards the end of the Summer term.

Look at the Jeanne D'arc website and video to find out more about the school.