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Environment Committee


Welcome from the SHS Environment Committee

We should all be concerned about problems facing our changing world, perhaps especially about the critical issue of climate change. If you are one of the people who is feeling a little worried, there is something you can do – get involved in the school’s environmental programme. We are currently running several initiatives to help to improve natural environment. These initiatives include: the rewilding efforts on school ground, like planting hedgerows; improving our ability to recycle; and organised litter-picking sessions. We also aim to increase environmental understanding by educating, enthusing and encouraging everyone to care a little more about wildlife and the natural environment we all rely on so much. We believe we can all make a difference locally, however small, and that, by working together, we can begin to make a worthwhile difference globally. As Lao Tzu is supposed to have said: every long journey begins with a single step. 

Below are some recent and upcoming events

  • The Environment Committee's newly completed display board is up and running in the Sandringham corridor, by the double doors. Have a look at the great initiatives we have done so far; at school and locally, and look out for any upcoming events and exciting environmental projects. The board features pictures of Year Eight students getting enthusiastic about plastic pollution and using their creativity to turn single-use plastics into useful and thought-provoking art.
  • New recycling bins have arrived in classrooms and the canteen. Paper, empty plastic bottles and clean food trays can be recycled there.
  • We have launched Green Achievement Points, and soon we will be putting monthly winners with top points up on the display board. Winners can receive cool Eco-Warrior badges.   
  • Our school has been successfully recycling empty pens and felt tips via the TerraCycle recycling Scheme. Please put your empty pens, sharpies, felt tips and board pens at collection points in House Offices, or in the LRC
  • Big Battery Hunt 2023 - Coming to Springwood. Get collecting old batteries and keep a count of them. You can take your old batteries to your local recycling centre, or local supermarkets, or put them on top of your refuse bin (in a small plastic bag), or simply bring them to the LRC.
  • Cut Your Carbon 2023 - Cut Your Carbon is our month-long carbon-cutting challenge. Taking place throughout November 2023, the campaign challenges young people and their families to complete nine simple actions that will reduce their carbon footprint. Cut Your Carbon is a great way to learn more about the carbon emissions connected to everyday actions and how we can reduce them by making small, manageable changes.
  • We aim to publicise and promote as many of these initiatives as possible in the media, as you may have noticed already in the local and regional press (and on regional TV). All positive stories on what we are achieving to help the environment are great publicity for our school and its pupils.
  • We have recruited an Environmental media coordinator Morgan (Year 12), who has taken over the media role for the environment committee.  Welcome to the team Morgan!


    'I am interested in the career of marketing. I use social media relatively often and keep an eye on advertisements and marketing groups. I would like to take an active part in the Eco group to promote the environmental message by expanding over many social media platforms. Join us on Instagram!' 

  • We meet every Tuesday in B10 lunchtime.

If you want to get involved, or have ideas about the environment you would like to share, please come and see me in BL1, or email

Mrs Munns
Environment Committee Lead