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December 2017: The Return Performance

After all our hard work in November, we had to do it all again in December when we presented the case at Norwich crown court in front of local dignitaries and legal professionals.

We felt so proud to announce to our supporters that we were the only British school to make the top three ahead of 28 US schools and only 5 international teams. Once again we took on the roles of prosecutors, defenders and witnesses just like we did in the mock trail world championships.

We explained to our audience that we had only had 4 weeks of preparation before we flew to the ‘Big Apple’ armed with the knowledge of US law. We told them how we really felt like the pressure had been on due to coming 4th the year before.

The judge that judged our case in Norwich did so just like he would in a real trial. His name was Mr Justice Garnham, and although we were nervous, as we always are, he was really friendly and gave us some lovely compliments after the trial. We then got to mingle with everyone downstairs in the court which was a lot more informal, but equally enjoyable!

January 2018: The celebration night

We had the privilege of celebrating our mock trials performance in the private residence of Lady Leicester of Holkham. It was the most beautiful home we had ever been in, and we couldn’t believe that she opened it up to us.

We were joined by Mr Johnson, The Mayor, and the High Sheriff which made it even more special.

We presented some extracts of our case and thanked all of our sponsors and supporters who had joined us for the event. It was so special, and we feel like the photos will say it all.

As usual, this celebration continues, and we are looking forward to March when we will process through the town with the High Sheriff and other Norfolk dignitaries at the Norfolk Justice service. Following this, we are lucky enough to have been treated to a meal at Pizza Express by one of our greatest supporters; the chairman of the Norfolk magistrates board.

Watch this space!...