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At Springwood High School we hope to ensure that our pupils are: 
  • Aware of their abilities and in so doing should develop them to their maximum potential; 
  • Aware of the needs of the community and be prepared to contribute fully to the life of the community;
  • Offered a curriculum that has breadth and depth. It must be tailored to each pupil and satisfy their requirements;
  • Pupils who leave Springwood articulate, literate and numerate, and have lively, enquiring, independent minds;
  • Confident in their dealings with adults and peers; 
  • Able to develop good working relationships with others; 
  • Knowledgeable of a wide range of cultures and through this come to respect the rights and needs of others; 
  • Able to make good moral judgements; 
  • Adaptable enough to react to the needs of a fast changing world. 
Curriculum Vision

We expect our students to leave Springwood High School with the core knowledge, skills and qualifications they need to lead successful lives in the future and be respectful members of their community.

We continue to develop our knowledge-rich curriculum that, by the end of key stage 3, gives all students a core foundation, in a broad and balanced range of subjects.  As students acquire this knowledge they will be also encouraged to question and form links in the understanding.  Key Stage 4 and 5 should then continue to build on this core, as students begin to specialise in particular areas.

It is the expectation that all students at Springwood High School receive an exceptional education, with opportunities in and outside of the classroom, that prepares them for success in life.


At Springwood High School we ensure that a broad and balanced curriculum is provided to all of our students.

The curriculum at KS3 follows the National Curriculum. A comprehensive programme of personal, social and health education, along with careers advice and guidance is taught in tutor time and incorporated into lessons.

At KS4 every student studies English (language and literature), Maths, Science and Religious Education (including philosophy and ethics) qualifications along with the provision of Physical Education teaching. A comprehensive range of subjects is offered as part of the options process in Key Stage 4, however there is also an expectation that the majority of students will study History or Geography, and a modern foreign language. As an Arts specialist we will also provide a range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities in this area. 

For KS5 students, a range of subjects is offered, including enrichment activities, to provide students with the most relevant pathway for further study or employment. It is the intention and aim of the school that all students are involved in some form of extra-curricular activity. 

Information on all of our subjects offered can be found on the curriculum overview and plans page.

Which Qualifications?

The 14-19 Chart gives students an idea of what qualifications are available at different levels. The levels tell you how hard a qualification is and what your options are as you progress to the next. To view this chart please click here.