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Year 7 virtual performance of ‘I’m A Believer’ - September 2020

Although we were not able to put on the annual Primary Concert at St Nicks this year, we would still love to be able to give the new year 7 students an opportunity to record a song remotely that we can use to welcome you to Springwood in a few weeks.

We have chosen ‘I’m a Believer’ which most of you will already know as Donkey and Dragon sing this as a duet at the end of one of the Shrek movies. Parents might even remember the original Monkees version!

We’d like as many of the new Y7 students as possible to video yourself singing the song and send it in – the end result will look something like the video we put together with Radio Norfolk for the VE day anniversary in June – if you haven’t already seen it, you can watch it by following this link -

All you need to do is to read and follow the instructions below.

Year 7 - September 2020 - Instructions for Virtual Performance 

Student Details Form

Videos and Student Details Form need to be submitted no later than Friday 21st August 2020 to the following email address:

Please click on the links below for the lyrics and backing track for your year group. 

I'm a Believer - Lyrics (all year groups)

Backing Track - Team Dragon - Students in year groups  7B1, 7F1, 7H1, 7O1 and 7S1

Backing Track - Team Donkey - Students in year groups  7B2, 7F2, 7H2, 7O2 and 7S2