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Camps International

Camps International are global leaders in ethical and sustainable school expeditions and offer fully-supported life-enhancing school expeditions across Africa, Asia and South America.

Every school expedition they offer is a real and authentic cultural experience for every student who travels with them. Our expeditions help to challenge their view of the world, understand the day to day challenges rural communities face, help work on projects which transform communities and help them overcome significant issues they face including access to clean water, education and housing. They also increase student’s self-worth and appreciate the impact just one person can have on the world.

At Camps, they understand that academic success is just one element of education. That’s why they offer experiences that go beyond the classroom, giving you the opportunity to develop key life skills, cultural understanding and a global perspective for an increasingly international 21st century.

We are in the Fifth year of working with Camps international.  So far we have taken students to Kenya, Tanzania, Ecuador and Galapagos Islands.  In summer 2020 we will be heading to Costa Rica. 

During these adventures we have helped communities build homes, water collectors, community centres, we’ve planted thousands of seeds that will grow into large trees, we’ve de-wormed goats, built compost piles, built elephant deterrents to name but a few. 

We’ve also learnt to scuba dive, snorkel around the Galapagos Islands, went on a safari, seen some amazing animals in the natural habitat.

On top of all of this it’s the lifelong friendships that the students make whilst away from home, the confidence they gain in their own ability, the ability to try new things and to not give up when things get a little difficult.  To push the boundaries of their comfort zones and to find out that they are capable of a lot more than they give themselves credit for. 

To find out more about Camps International please visit their website by clicking here