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Numicon Maths

In recent maths lessons a group of year 8 students have been using Numicon to strengthen their maths skills and knowledge. 

 In recent maths lessons a group of year 8 students have been using Numicon to strengthen their maths skills and knowledge.  This is what they said about the lessons.

Numicon is helpful in maths and it is good to work with.  I worked with Dylan and we worked really well on the investigation. Numicon can be hard but you just have to think about what you are doing.  I used the numicon shapes to help with calculations.  The numicon shapes encouraged me to work methodically.   Jack Webb

I enjoyed using the Numicon shapes and working on an investigation.  We were all given a booklet to  work through.  We had to find all the ways of making totals from 3 to 30 using any 3 numicon shapes.  I worked on the investigation in a team and I had to organise my results.  We plotted our results on a graph and noticed a pattern. Luke Inns

We had to do an investigation to find out how many ways we could make the totals 3 to 30 using three numicon shapes.  Each numicon shape represents a number.  I would like to use the numicon shapes again.  Warren Dent.

I enjoyed using Numicon shapes because the first lesson I used them I found it hard to tell which shapes were 9,8 and 7.  After a couple of lessons I knew all the shapes and the colour they were and their number.  I enjoyed working with a partner and the whole class had fun and worked hard.  Maddie Cummings

 I liked the lessons when we used the numicon shapes and we used them to carry out an investigation to see how many times we could make different totals using three shapes.  We recorded the results in a table then created a graph.  There was a pattern in the graph.  I worked with a partner and we worked well together.  I enjoyed the project because it was interactive.  It was a big project that lasted a few lessons.  It helped me to improve my adding and subtracting skills.  I also learned to work methodically and I enjoyed that.  Charlie Hart.

When we started this project I thought it was going to be boring but it was really fun and it really helped me with my maths and it helped me to spot patterns.  The hard thing about the investigation was finding all the totals but when we recorded the results in a graph I could see the pattern and double check my answers to see if they were correct.  Bethany Hall

In Maths we used Numicon shapes to do an investigation.  We recorded our results on graph paper.  We did some work on our own and some work in groups.  Adam Traylen

 I thought the lessons were good fun and I liked working logically with a partner.  I thought the Numicon shapes were good because they helped me with my maths.  I liked these lessons they were not like my other classes.


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