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Headteacher eyes return to some sort of normal soon

Our head teacher Mr Johnson says he hopes to see an active end to the current academic year and a return to normality in the autumn term as the school system readjusts to life after lockdown.

Speaking on BBC Radio Norfolk, he said there were "some very dark times" during the coronavirus pandemic but said restrictions on learning had resulted in some unexpected opportunities, like the potential for learning via zoom, and “new and exciting ways of thinking for young people in our schools.”

Last autumn, there were several cases of COVID at Springwood, which saw pupils sent home, so while Mr Johnson said managing such a big number of pupils on the school site remains a major challenge, the good news is that this time, things seem to be a lot healthier, in every sense.

“At Springwood, we bring 2000 people together every day,” he said. “I was there in the autumn term when we had lots of cases and were sending people home. At the moment that’s not happening so I’m feeling very positive, I’m not sending hundreds of children home, we’ve not got that fear.”

Caution, he said, is the key to progress.  

“Wearing masks isn’t the best thing but it’s necessary, so our children and staff are supporting it, they’re getting behind the government on that issue…. the worst thing we could do is reopen, get back to normal, and then have to lockdown again,” he said.

“That would be difficult for the whole country, especially young people. They need to be out enjoying their youth, and lockdown is the absolute opposite of that.”

If people continued to abide by the rules, he said, the signs were promising that elements of normality could return to school life sooner rather than later.

“We're looking at having proms, and we’ve hired a large marquee outside, which is booked for after the initial (end of lockdown) date,” he said.

“Our sports days are planned, and our director of music Peter Strudwick is stepping down so COVID restrictions permitting, we're planning a big outdoor celebration for him – it’s very important that we keep doing these extra things.”

“Obviously, we want things back to normal. Yes I am planning sports day, music events, dance events and even a summer school - but we're always waiting for the go-ahead nearer the time.”