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Intermediate Maths challenge

Results are in!

116  Springwood High School students across years 9, 10 and 11 took part in the UKMT maths challenge in February. 

The following students achieved a bronze

Isabel A
Jaden E
Nancy H
Jessa J
Barney K
Louie L
Vara P
Oskars P
Aaron W 
Colby W
Alexandra A
Iorwen E
Elinor G
Freija H
Matthew H
Vinethmi K
Finley M
Ben S
Louisa W
Ben W
Alina Z
Neyah L

The following students achieved a silver 

Jeremy M
Joseph G
Ahmad F
Mackenzie W-B
Alexander B

Alexander  was best in year 11

Ahmad and Mackenzie were best in year 10 and best in school

Jeremy was best in year 9 and has qualified for the grey kangaroo.

Well done to all of those that took part and congratulations to those that received a certificate.