Arrangements for Opening of School - January 2021 as at 31.12.2020

Please read the following information very carefully and contact the school via should you have any questions.


When should your child attend school?

Monday 4th January

Staff Training day – no students to attend school on this day.


Tuesday 5th – Friday 8th January


Key worker and Vulnerable students to attend school (prior notice must be given to school via the survey or email).  See notes below for further information regarding attendance, etc.

Monday 11th January

Students in Years 11 and 13 to attend school.

Work will be provided for all other year groups to access from home.

Monday 18th January

All students attend school.

We will be carrying out a programme of COVID-19 testing using Lateral Flow Testing kits, in line with Government expectations.  It is important that as many students are possible are included in the testing to help safeguard the whole school community.  Contacts outside of school should be kept in line with Tier 4 restrictions.  If you have not done so already, please complete the online form indicating whether you give permission for your child to be part of this testing programme -

Lateral Flow Testing Programme

Week beginning:

Who will be tested?

w/b Monday 4th January

All staff

All Key worker and Vulnerable students attending school during this week

Year 11 students

Year 13 students

w/b Monday 11th January

Year 7 students

Year 8 students

Year 9 students

Year 10 students

Year 12 students

This particular testing programme will involve everyone being tested twice, three days apart.

If your child is tested on Monday, their second test will be on Thursday.

If your child is tested on Tuesday, their second test will be on Friday.

You will be provided with an appointment time for your child to attend to complete their tests.  Your child will only be on school site for the time it takes to complete their test.  Please ensure arrangements are in place for your child to get to school in time for their appointment and to return home once they have completed their test.

If you have opted your child out of the testing programme, this will be respected.

Remote learning

During this time, teachers will be providing learning opportunities remotely.  These will include activities such as online lessons delivered live or pre-recorded, Oak Academy lessons, the setting of tasks and quizzes to complete and submit.  As much as possible, we will be following our school timetable to make it easier for students to keep track of what they should be doing during each day.  (For reference, the week beginning Monday 4th January will be Week 1).

Engagement with the work provided and completion and submission of tasks set is vital at this time.  Student engagement will be monitored and Heads of Years will contact parents of children who do not appear to be engaging.

As always, we appreciate your support.  Your child’s form tutor or Head of Year will be in touch within the first few days of the new term, hence providing an opportunity for you to discuss any concerns or questions you may have regarding the testing programme or remote learning.

If your child has an external exam within the next few weeks, I can confirm that these will still be taking place.  You should have already been contacted with details.  If you have not been contacted, please email with your child’s details and the details of the exam they are due to take.