Springwood High School Celebrate GCSE Success

Springwood High School is celebrating another fantastic year of GCSE success.

This year all subjects moved across to the more challenging GCSE content and grading system with a grade 9 representing a new standard of high achievement above that of the old *A grade.

In total 37 students gained at least one grade 9 in their GCSE grades, the vast majority of subjects had 1 or more students attaining a grade 9.

The highest performing student, Malu Nair, gained a grade 9 in all 12 of her GCSE subjects.

Other high performing students include;

Rosie Huang (results included seven grade 9 and two grade 8)

Shayan Shaikh (results include six grade 9 and four grade 8)

Hitesh Srikantha (results include six grade 9 and three grade 8)

Harriet Tuck (results include four grade 9 and four grade 8)

Alvin Jaison (results include four grade 9 and four grade 8)

Brandon Tuttle (results include four grade 9 and three grade 8)

Abdullah Farrukh (results include four grade 9 and three grade 8)

Those students achieving at least one grade 9 are –

Lydia Burton - 3

Isabel Harner-Borley  - 1

Maddi Dawson – 1

Agnes Laukyte - 3

Jacob Tivey - 1

Megan Smith – 1

Joseph Pembery - 3

Hima Dony - 1

Loreta Paliakaite - 1

Megan Tarry – 3

Erin Williamson - 1

Josh Gallacher - 1

Areej Khatri – 2

Puthenpurackal Gautham - 1

Wesley King - 1

Paul Latay – 2

Hollie Williamson – 1

Sam Manesh - 1

Nikki Rastogi – 2

Holly Perryman – 1


Abbie Rose – 1  



In Maths and English, 60% of students achieved the standard pass of grade 4.

Executive Headteacher, Andy Johnson said “This is a fantastic set of results for our students. The new GCSE set a new standard and I am so pleased that our students and staff have risen to this challenge”.

Chair of Governors, Roger Livesey said “Springwood places a high emphasis on academic study alongside its excellent extra –curricular offer. It is great to see so many students achieve so well”.