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GCSE Results 2016 - A winning performance

In this Olympic year, Springwood High School has produced a gold medal performance 

In this year’s GCSE results with a magnificent 66% of students achieving English and Mathematics at C grade or higher.

Particularly outstanding performances include:

Lauren Carson, 14 A* grades

Rohan Rastogi, 14 A* GCSE and A* in A-level Mathematics 

Joseph Vayalil Lawrence, 12 A* grades and 2 A grades

Anam Khatri, 10 A* grades and 4 A grades

Lara Sharpin, 8 A* grades and 5 A grades

Chloe Pegg, 7 A* grades, 5A grades and 2 B grades

Abigail Peters, 4 A*grades and 7 A grades.

Danny Jackson, 4 A* grades, 7 A grades, 1 B grade and 2 C grades

Joe Wells, 3 A* grades, 8 A grades and 2 B grades

Oliver Graves, 3 A*grades, 7 A grades and 3 B grades

Milly Griffin 2 A* grades, 9 A grades and 3 B grades

Talhah Malik, 3 A* grades, 9 A grades and 2 B grades

Harry Thompson, 4 A* grades, 5 A grades and 5 B grades

The majority of these students and many others from Springwood and surrounding schools are looking forward to attending Springwood High School’s Sixth form which achieved its best ever results this year.

The school is also very proud that all students made significantly better than expected progress across a range of subjects which will show in our positive progress 8 score.

Andy Johnson, Executive Headteacher said “This is a magnificent set of results for the school. It has been a brilliant year for Springwood at both outstanding GCSE and A level results”

Roger Livesey, Chair of Governors and Chair of Trustees said “Springwood has delivered an outstanding set of results for the school this year. I am proud of how hard the students and staff have worked”

If you would like your child/children to be part of the schools success then you are welcome to attend an Open Day and Evening for 2017 students and parents on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st September 2016. For more details please contact the school on 01553 773393  or via email on