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6th Form Virtual Induction

Yr 12 Applicants - Virtual Sixth Form Induction

Dear Springwood Sixth Form Applicant,

In ordinary circumstances, by this point in the year, we would have welcomed you into the school as members of our new Year 12 cohort. Traditionally, induction day has been an opportunity for you to meet with your teachers and your new peer group. It has also been an opportunity for us to talk to you about key aspects of sixth form life at Springwood, including your timetable, directed study, dress codes and such like. Unfortunately, this year has been anything but ordinary and we have had to move our induction day on-line. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to follow Springwood on Instagram @springwood6form where our induction videos have already started to appear. We realise that some of you will still be undecided about which subjects to take and, while we can’t offer you live lessons, each subject has pre-recorded a lesson with tasks which will be followed up in a scheduled live Q&A. The online lessons can be found on our youtube channel and should be watched prior to attending the live Q&A session.


Look out for the live Q&A timetable also coming soon. This will be uploaded shortly with links to join the meetings

Please note some of the videos contain tasks needing resources. We have included the resources needed for these subjects below (English Lit, Food Science, French, Psychology, Sociology and Spanish)

Kind Regards

Mr Rawling

Head of Sixth Form

Y10 Virtual Experience 

Yr 10 – Virtual Sixth Form Experience

Hello Everyone,

Great news!! A selection of videos are now available for you to view on our YouTube channel which should help you gain an overview of what subjects are on offer here at Springwood Sixth Form. This is the first part of your journey in collecting information about options available to you after your GCSE’s. 

Please find a welcome video from the Sixth Form Team and also a wide variety of subject videos for you to watch at your leisure. 

The videos can be found on our YouTube Channel:

Please note that some subjects have supplied resources which may be useful when viewing the videos - these have been attached below (Criminology, Psychology, Sociology and Spanish)

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Look out for the live Q&A timetable also coming soon. This will be uploaded shortly with links to join the meetings


The Sixth Form Team 

PS Lots of updates are happening on our Instagram too- please follow us @Springwood6form 

Mrs J. Cuss
Head of Sixth Form


Live Q&A Timetable and Resources

Please click on the link below to view the Q&A timetable for the Year 11 applicants joining us in September 2020 and those in Year 10  interested  in joining us in the future.

Live Q&A Timetable as at 10.07.2020
Please check for any updates


Subject Resource Additional Resources 
Criminology -  A Level Virtual Taster Criminology - News article 
Institutional Racism in the Police Force 
English Literature  - A Level Induction English Lit - A level Induction Text 
Food Diploma - Induction Task  
French - Taster Lesson French - Worksheet
Psychology - Introductory Lesson   
Sociology - Welcome to A Level   
Spanish - A Level Overview Spanish - Vocabulary  Sheet