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Typical Study Programme

A week in the life of a Sixth Form Student....

At sixth form students study A Levels, vocational qualifications, or a combination of both. Other than the budding mathematicians who opt for Further Maths as a fourth subject, students usually choose three subject options: one A Level, or one Vocational Qualification makes up one subject option.

Over and above lessons, students at Springwood Sixth form take one enrichment during year 12, enrichment programmes might last just six weeks - for instance, Teachers of Tomorrow - or all year, like the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Students also take part in work experience during the course of year 12 and attend at least one Futures Lecture to hear about potential career routes from professionals working in the field. In addition to all of this, students attend one weekly assembly and one form-group workshop.

Finally, students will meet on a one to one basis with their form tutors during the course of each half term.

The table below is an example of a typical year 12 timetable.