Saturday School

The key reason to undertake sixth form study is to gain higher qualifications in subjects that you enjoy and that will impact your future decisions. Naturally, there will be a step up between GCSE and A-level study. With this in mind, we offer prospective students the opportunity to attend a Saturday School Programme, which will allow you to get a flavour of your chosen subjects; meet staff; and begin to foster some of the important skills required for the successful completion of A-levels.

Once you have received your offer from Springwood Sixth Form and although  you will be busy preparing for your GCSE Exams you will be invited to attend the Saturday Schools  which we hope will play a fundamental part in  assisting  you in your transition from high school to post-16 education. 

The next sessions will take place on:


For further information and please click on the links below to view the letter and timetable sent to invitees:

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