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Physical Education

“Much broader depth and breadth of content especially with the psychology and historical concepts'“

6th Form Student

Candidates will study 6 areas over the 2 year Linear A-Level course. Assessment is through 2 Exam Papers (70%) and Practical Performance and Analysis of Performance in one activity (30%).

Paper 1 areas of assessment include: 1. Applied Anatomy and Physiology, 2. Skill Acquisition and 3. Sport and Society.

Paper 2 areas of assessment include: 4. Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics, 5. Sport Psychology and 6. Sport and Society and Technology in Sport.

A broad range of topics allows for a greater understanding of the factors affecting participation in physical activity and sport as well as physical, biomechanical, psychological and technological strategies to optimise performance in sport.

The course is very theoretical and uses kinesthetic elements within lessons to compliment the theory. A student’s practical performance of their chosen activity is expected to be completed in their own independent time. 

Entry Requirement

A minimum of grade 4 in Maths and English Lang plus at least 3 other GCSEs at grade 5

Subject Specific Requirements

Grade 5 in PE, with a Grade 6 in the Theoretical component of the GCSE PE Exam. Grade 5 in English Language and Grade 5 in Science


3 Units of assessment:

Paper 1: Factors affecting participation in physical activity and sport. 2hr written exam, 105 marks, 35% of A-Level grade.

Paper 2: Factors affecting optimum participation in physical activity and sport. 2hr written exam, 105 marks, 35% of A-Level grade.

Both papers include multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions.

Non-exam assessment: Practical performance.

Internal assessment, external moderation. 90 marks, 30% of A-Level grade.

Students will need a high level of competence as a performer or a coach in one physical activity at a competitive level.

Future Applications

Sports Science, Physiotherapy, Teacher, Sports Coach, Sports Psychologist, Sports Journalism, Nutritionist, Sports Management and Sports Development.


Aimee — Sport Scientist/ Athletic Performance Coach at Hull City Football Club
Daniel — Head of PE at Smithdon High School