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Media Studies

The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to control the minds of the masses’”


For most students, Media Studies will be a new subject. This course is designed to enable students to analyse, create and evaluate the many ways we communicate today. We will explore many  critical debates of contemporary media representation, audience reception and industry practice as well as making our own media products. Our main focus at Springwood is on the film industry, and we have considerable success in creating print products.

Ultimately, this dynamic course examines the many ways in which society and individuals are being manipulated by the media, and explores in turn, how to manipulate. It is both a theoretical and practical course with considerable hands on experience of modern media equipment including the latest MAC computers, video equipment and industry standard software. 

Therefore, there are many opportunities for real world, student-centered, creativity. However, to succeed in this challenging subject, each student will have to be able to express their thoughts with clarity and insight and this requires high levels of English ability (grade 5 and above).

Your Course:
We will follow the Eduquas Media Studies Syllabus:

Entry Requirement

A minimum of grade 4 in Maths and English Langplus at least 3 other GCSEs at grade 5

Additional Requirements

Grade 5 in English Language, Lit or Humanities.


You will be assessed according to the Eduquas Media Studies specification and will be formatively assessed throughout the years in both year 12 and year 13.  Your coursework is worth 30% and your exam work is worth 70%.  You will sit two final exams in 2019.

Exam 1

Section A will test your ability to analyse Media Language, Representation, —through advertising, marketing, music video, or newspapers.

Section B will test your ability to analyse Media Industries and Audiences—through advertising, marketing, film, newspapers, radio, video games, and media contexts.

Exam 2

This examination will analyse “Television in a Global Age”, “Magazines and Alternative Media” and “Media in an Online age”.

Cross Media Production (Coursework)

Individuals will create a cross-media production in response to set briefs applying their knowledge and understanding of media language, representation, industry, audience and digital convergence.

Future Applications 

There is a wide range of media based courses at university. So, whether you are interested in
training to become a camera-person, or taking your first steps on the road to becoming a news reporter, there is bound to be a course to suit you.


Kara - working in Film Production.
Tom - working for “We are Social Media”
Emily - Music Journalism
Ashleigh - KLFM news journalist. Numerous students studying Media at Universities.