Home Learning

Below is year group specific information on home learning tasks, projects and resources to help you  to manage your studies whilst learning from home.

Year 7


Year 8

Please click on the links below to view information on home learning tasks,  guidance and resources for  studying whilst at home:

Knowledge Organiser

Whilst studying at home you should still study 1 to 2 subjects,each school  day,  from your knowledge organiser for homework lasting at least 1 hour in total.

Year 8 Knowledge Organiser  - Autumn Term 1


Students need to click on the links below, watch the videos and pause when needed to complete activities/questions








Please complete the worksheets below:

Please email maths@springwoodhighschool.co.uk if you have any questions or trouble accessing  the work set.


Students have all necessary paper resources as a pack in their exercise books. Teachers will upload each lesson's PowerPoint to SMHW and specify any resources that are required for the lesson. Students should work through the PowerPoint as best they can as if they were in the lesson itself: this will involve answering retrieval practice questions; recording key knowledge in an appropriate way; answering hinge questions; working through guided practice and independent practice tasks.

Any questions, please email your child's class teacher.


Please complete both worksheets below:


Year 9


Year 10 


Year 11 


Year 12


Useful Websites

Please click on the link below to access these useful on line learning resources where you will find work set by your subject tutors:



You may also find work set for you on Google Classroom for more information please contact your Head of Year or Year Manager.