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The extended project really opened my eyes to topics beyond the A level curriculum. Having this additional knowledge was particularly beneficial during university interviews and writing my personal statement - it really does give you an edge over other applicants.”  

Rebecca Williams

The Extended Project (EPQ) is an independent project that requires students to plan, undertake and evaluate a project of their choice. This may be a mini dissertation, an artefact, a performance or a report. The students work independently alongside a mentor who will support and guide them in completing their project.  The Extended Project aims to inspire, enthuse and motivate students by giving them the freedom to do a project on a subject on an area of personal interest. It’s a stand-alone qualification that is worth up to 28 UCAS points – equivalent to an AS Level. As students have the freedom to select their subject, it can support their practical, work-related
approach to learning or be an extension of their A Level studies.

The Extended Project offers a range of exciting opportunities for your students: it provides them with the skills that higher education is looking for, by encouraging independent study, critical
thinking and teamwork. It may also be useful when they’re applying for university to help them ‘stand out from the crowd’. It gives students flexibility and choice in the selection of their project topic, how they tailor it to fit their individual needs and how they present the final outcome. It’s ideal for improving transferable skills such as planning, research, analysis and evaluation.

Entry Requirement

Students apply to complete the project. 

The qualification suits independent learners.


The project has so far been an outstanding success. Last year we achieved 80% A*-A and 96% A*-C

The project is 100% assessed by a portfolio of evidence. The skills assessed are:

1. Planning

2. Research

3. Presentation

4. Evaluation

The project can either be:

1. A Dissertation

2. An Artefact

3. A Report

4. A Performance

Some precious titles at Springwood Sixth Form have been:

· What makes a successful rocket?

· A website and complementary brochure for Amyloidosis patients

· A ‘Mooting Guide’ for Year 10 Students

· A History Revision Guide for Year 9

· How to build a quadcopter.

· How to launch a successful rocket.

Future Applications

University Study




Molly  – History at Nottingham University 
Sam – PPE at Oxford University
Rebecca – Sales Executive Apprenticeship at BMW Mini
Rebecca  – Law at York University
Oliver – Medicine at UEA