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At Springwood Sixth Form, we have created a broad and balanced curriculum designed to ensure that all of our students can find an appropriate pathway through their post 16 education. 

We offer 34 subjects in total, including both traditional A Levels such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Literature and vocational qualifications, such as Health and Social Care and Criminology.

We also offer one year Level 2 vocational qualifications in Hairdressing and Bricklaying.


Art (Fine Art)



Physical Education 


English Language and Literature Health and Social Care   Physics
Bricklaying English Literature History Psychology
Business Fashion Maths  Religious Education 
Chemistry  Food Science and Nutrition Further Maths Science
Computer Science French Media Studies Sociology
Criminology Geography Music  Spanish 
Dance German  Music Technology  
Drama & Theatre Studies Government and Politics Photography  

A Levels or Vocational Qualifications?

A Levels

Short for Advanced Level, A Levels are highly valued by universities and employers and can open doors to further study and careers. All A Levels are assessed by exams at the end of the two year course and graded A* to E. Most A Levels have a coursework element.

Vocational Qualifications

An alternative to A Levels, vocational qualifications, such as BTECs, are more vocational and can be particularly useful if you know which career you’re working towards. Unlike A Levels, vocational qualifications are continually assessed throughout the course with a combination of coursework, practical projects and exams. Except for Criminology, which is graded in the same way as an A Level, vocational qualifications are awarded Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction *. They are accepted by universities and one vocational qualification is equivalent to one A Level.

Choosing your courses: 

At sixth form, you study A Levels or Vocational Qualifications, or a combination of both. Unless you are taking Further Maths as a fourth subject, you usually choose three subject options: one A Level, or one Vocational Qualification makes up one subject option. You can find our current option blocks here

  • Do you have a particular career or degree in mind? If so, you may need to choose specific subjects.
  • Are there any subjects which you enjoy and are particularly good at?

If you want to keep your future study and career choices open, any subject you study will give you transferable skills. Additional guidance on how you might choose your subject combinations can be found here.