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"If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time."  Steve Jobs

This course is a broad based qualification that provides the opportunity for students to explore the world of business in a theoretical and practical way. By using research and investigation, students develop a range of transferable skills such as analysis, communicating clearly, making decisions, problem solving, prioritising their work and evaluation, while discovering the problems and opportunities faced by businesses.

Typical Topics Studied:

· Marketing

· Human resources

· Finance

· Operations

· External influences

Entry Requirement

A minimum of grade 4 in Maths and English Lang plus at least 3 other GCSEs at grade 5

Subject Specific Requirements 

Grade 5 in Business if taken at GCSE . Grade 5 in English Lang  and grade 5 in Maths



Component 1

Managers leaders and decision making.

Decision making improving marketing, operational, financial and human resource performance. Analysing the strategic position of a business. Choosing strategic direction and choosing strategic methods. Managing strategic change.

Data response
1 Written exam:2 hours
100 marks
33.3% of  A-Level
Multiple choice questions worth 15 marks
Short answer questions worth 35 marks
2 X Essay question 50 marks


Component 2

All content


Data response
1 Written exam:2 hours
100 marks
33.3% of A-Level
3 x data response question  33% each

Component 3

All content


1 Written exam: 2 hours
100 marks
33.3% of A-Level
1 x compulsory case study and 6 x questions

Future Applications


Human Resources
Retail Manager
Research Analyst
Public Relations
Market Research


Maria - International Marketing at University of Manchester
Olivia - Paralegal Apprenticeship at Kennedys Law, Cambridge