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A Level Results - 2022

With pupils heading to universities including Cambridge, Imperial, Leeds and even Groningen in the Netherlands - there were celebrations all round.

The teenagers were in the first cohort to sit the usual exams after two years of Covid-hit education saw the 2020 and 2021 exams cancelled. 

“I’m over the moon with the results at Springwood this year, they are a testament to the hard work of students and staff. STEM subjects, in particular, are a real strength at Springwood and this year was no exception: 43 per cent  of students taking mathematics and sciences achieved A-A* which is a tribute both to their hard work and that of our committed, specialist staff,” said Mr Johnson.

This year’s figures saw 27 per cent of the cohort achieving A or A*, 57 per cent A* to B, 83 per cent A* to C and 99 per cent A* to E.

“At Springwood Sixth Form, our focus is on helping students to build an aspirational vision for their lives. With that in mind it is really pleasing to see them rewarded for their hard work and heading off to a range of exciting destinations, including scholarships with Disney and BAE, veterinary medicine and Classics and Law at Cambridge. We are really looking forward to seeing how these incredible young people develop their careers,” said Jamie Warner-Lynn, director of sixth form studies.

Students Lucy Allen (A* and two As), Brianna Lee (Two As and a B) and Jessica McKenzie (two A*s and an A) will all be studying veterinary medicine at university from the autumn.

“I’m really pleased with my results,” said Lucy. “I was just so happy. It was so good to see all the hard work had finally paid off. I’ve always wanted to be a vet since I was little, so I’m really excited. 

“I’ve really enjoyed my time in the Sixth Form, and even though we had to work online during Covid, the teachers were great and we didn’t really miss out.”

Roger Livesey, Chair of Governors at our school said: “ We are proud of each and every one of our students who have achieved great things despite the challenges of the pandemic. I am immensely proud of our sixth form pastoral team and teachers of sixth form who have maintained the highest aspirations for our students and supported them in achieving these goals despite the adverse circumstances.”

With four A*s, Zara Bek is heading to Cambridge to study Classics. Jake Parrish (Two As and an A*) is also heading to Cambridge, but will be reading law.

“I was quite relieved,” said Zara, “as I thought I’d missed out on at least two of the grades I needed – but it turned out I’d actually done best in those two subjects!

“I’m very excited about going to Cambridge, but I’ve enjoyed my time at Springwood and the teaching has been good.”

Twins Bento (A* two As and a B) and Jose (A* and three As) Rodrigues are both heading to Leeds to study Computer Science with Mathematics. 

Simona Pilmane has four A*s and is heading to Imperial College, London, to study engineering while Harvey Gray (three A*s and an A) is reading biology at Bristol University.

Student Jannis Koulman was awarded four A*s and will be travelling to the Netherlands to study at the University of Groningen.

Sophie Tucker has two A*s and an A which sees her take up an apprenticeship with Disney.

“I was quite shocked,” said Sophie, “as I didn’t feel the exams went well, but they obviously did! I’m really excited about the apprenticeship at Disney. It’s in market research and data analysis, so I’ll get to learn on the job. It’ll be in Hammersmith, so I’ll be moving to live in the centre of London. I’m really looking forward to it.”