art with Mrs Emspon

In art with Mrs Emspon 7F1, 7H2, 7S1 and 7O2 have been exploring how pattern and different elements of pattern have been in Mexico for the Festival Day of the Dead.

They also have learnt and responded to this festival and learnt about the cultural and spiritual heritage of why it is celebrated. Students have observed and research how symbolism and imagery is used by the artist David Lozeau to create a meaning or narrative behind an artwork. Linking from that they have created their own character that would link with the Disney Pixar film Coco and discussed possible career paths from taking GCSE art. All students then were able to use this knowledge to produce a suitable design to create a low relief sugar skull of their own.   

I am very pleased with the maturity shown by all in working independently to create a suitable outcome and working together all painting in the lesson. A fantastic display of your work in BA2.