Introducing CPR to Springwood

The British Heart Foundation mission is to introduce CPR into all secondary schools and Mrs Leeke's Tutor group at Springwood High School have accepted this challenge. 

Every year in the UK over 60,000 people suffer from cardiac arrest outside of hospital and do not receive bystander CPR which means less than one in ten people survive. In Norway CPR is taught in all schools. Resulting in 1 in 4 people survive. In, Seattle America there is a 56% survival rate , compared to 2-12% in England. The British Heart Foundation want to create a Nation of Life Savers and I believe that the pupils of the school should play a part in potentially saving lives to increase a person's survival rate.

The Springwood pupils have been amazing throughout, filming using up not just tutor time but break times and lunch to complete this mission. Plus we have had years 7 to year 13 working closely empowering all year groups. The year 13 media students have also used the film in their university portfolios as they directed, filmed and edited the finished product. Now the film has been made, the aim is to visit every tutor group within the school for pupils to teach pupils. Secondly, thanks to the kind donation from the BHF the pupils will be able to book out a CPR bag in order to teach somebody at home, thereby cascading the information down. I also aim to have a wall in the school from the photos that the pupils take of them teaching others as a reminder of how important this knowledge is.

All of this could not have been possible without the talent of the Tom Anderson, Ciaran Back and Ben Steel overseen by Mr Gavin McKenzie and music by Mr Peter Cuss.

The British Heart Foundation have also seen the finished film and could not praise the Children enough for both their talent and involvement. Mission CPR begins on the 22nd June when Springwood High School tutor group SD06 begin to teach other tutor groups within the school.

Pleae find below the links to the Vidoe presentations promoting CPR in Schools and how the lessons wil lbe run in class:

CPR Lesson

CPR School Promotional Video