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Sophie aims to live the dream with Disney apprenticeship

With the end of the academic year in sight, many pupils in our sixth form are preparing to take the big step away from school and into the outside world. 

For some, this means going off to university at locations all over the country, to continue academic studies, while for others, it means taking upper higher level apprenticeships with a wide range of companies, learning skills on the job, whilst being paid, to set them on the path to a fulfilling career, armed with qualifications and workplace experience. 

One such pupil is Sophie Tucker, who has landed a digital marketing apprenticeship at what would be many people’s dream employer, the Walt Disney corporation, starting in September. 

“Apprenticeships in general, and the range of skills you can pick up in them, appealed to me and Disney in particular was hugely attractive to work for on many levels,” she said.  

“They’re an ethical and environmentally aware company, which was important for me, and they also offer a wide range of opportunities and roles in each part of the organisation, so I would be continuing to learn whilst also being part of a company I was genuinely enthusiastic about.” 

An organisation such as Disney is always sure to prove popular with applicants, and Sophie underwent a rigorous testing process before being one of just two people taken on in her role. 

“I began by writing a cover letter about the company and my role, after which I was invited to an online assessment day where I was told more about the role, and I had to do some tests,” she said.  

“Finally I had an interview where I had to prepare for a presentation about the SWOT analysis - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – of the potential female audience for Marvel films, as well as being asked some general interview questions. 

“It was a real shock when I found out I’d got the role, but now I’m used to the idea I’m extremely excited and can’t wait to become part of the team.” 

Sophie’s role will be spending 18 months as part of the market research and data analytics team, researching the popularity of Disney+ and its target audience, sharing data with partner organisations, and studying consumer tastes and trends. 

School subjects that would help in this role, she said, included statistics and business, which had already come in handy with the presentation, demonstrating her understanding of data analytics.  

“Hopefully at the end of the 18 months, I will have a chance to join the company full time, where there will be further chances to combine work with educational opportunities,” she said.