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Maths Challenge

Springwood Sixth Formers have put primary school pupils through their mathematical paces.

The Primary Maths Challenge, which was run by our Maths Department, was open to primary schools in King's Lynn and West Norfolk, with 12 teams of four taking place this year, after a two year gap due to Covid restrictions.

Sixth formers supervised their younger peers, who were all in Years 5 and 6, and were representing seven different primary schools.

The youngsters had to answer a range of challenging maths-based questions, in four rounds that included Group, Relay, Cross Numbers and Shuttle.

Springwood’s Sylvilyn Forbes-Clarke, who organised the event, said: “It was extra special this year to see the students competing against each other. The energy was electrifying and the level of competition was second to none. The students were very well prepared and the mathematics was outstandingly excellent.”

The sixth-formers worked hard to make the Challenge a success, she continued: “The Springwood Sixth Form students were phenomenal in giving of their time. They offered encouragement, clues and hints, as well as completing all the marking and scoring for the duration of the competition.”

“It’s extremely important for students to take part in events like this,” she added. “This competition does not just test mathematical ability, but also team work, strength of character, confidence and sportsmanship – skills necessary to build future productive individuals.”

The team from Snettisham Primary consisted of three Year 6 students and one from Year 5, who worked together to trounce their competitors, getting the most questions right, and accruing most bonus points, to post the top score and win the competition.

Snettisham Headteacher Clare Enters said: “The Challenge involved each team working together to answer a whole range of tricky maths questions. Our team answered the most questions correctly and scored bonus points too. They were so shocked – and really proud. We had taken part before but never won.”