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Sixth Form End of Term Arrangements - Dec 2018

On Tuesday 18th December Springwood  Sixth Form will close for the Christmas holidays at 12.35pm. 

If you are  part of Springwood Sixth Form you will be able to leave the site at that 12.35pm or stay, have lunch and then leave.  If they use school transport they will be able to wait in the social area and then catch the buses when they collect lower school students at 2.30 pm.

The students in year 13 students have just sat their interim pre-public exams.  These exams are important as they allow the staff and students to diagnose any gaps in students’ knowledge while there is still time to rectify any problems that may arise.  The result of the examinations will feed into your son/daughters predicted grades they will receive when they return in January. You can  access the Parent Gateway to view your child’s recent report.  These predictions should be useful in informing students about future decisions after Sixth Form whether it be UCAS, apprenticeship, gap year or employment. It is out aim to support to students to investigate a variety of options that applies to them.

The students in Year 12 have also had an important report last week.  It is the first report that measures current performance against students’ target grades. You can  access your son/daughters report via the Parent Gateway or App and discuss their performance.

In the run up to the end of term there are some charity events being held in the Sixth Form, a Christmas quiz on Friday 14th and a Christmas jumper day on 18th December where half the money raised will go to charity and the other half will go towards our Sixth Form Prom in July. 

The spring term starts for students on Thursday 3rd January 2019.

The Sixth Form staff would like  to take this opportunity to wish you a peaceful Christmas and to thank you for your support this term.