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Year 12 Initial Assessment

Since joining the school in September Year 12s have been working towards their initial assessments.


Students have recently been graded on a scale of 1-4 to determine their performance since September.  A score of 1 indicates that the student has excellent study habits already and is on course to be extremely successful in their chosen A Level.  The score is given by A Level teachers in every subject and takes in to consideration the student's performance in the summer task, the initial assessment examination and class performance so far.

9 students in Year 12 have been awarded 3 or more scores of 1.  This is an excellent start to sixth form life and suggests that these students have worked very hard and shown a very positive approach to every aspect of their studies.

The 9 year 12 stars are:

Zara Barlow
Grace Brundle
Keely Doyle
Amber Glasel
Lucy Harrington
Daniel Harvey
Sean McGee
Isabel Russen
Katharine Wood

A very well done from all the staff at Springwood!