Year 8

 Head of Year: Mr A Bliss              Year Officer: Mrs J Eveson

Year 8 Learning Journey Starts Here 


Knowledge Organisers 

Every school day, you should study 1 to 2 subjects from your knowledge organiser for homework lasting at least 1 hour in total.

There  is space in the booklet  for you to record the subjects you have studied to make sure you are giving equal time to all of them and your parents are requested to  sign off your homework each evening when you have completed the tasks.

You will need to bring your Knowledge Organiser to school every day as it will be checked regularly during form time and you will be regularly tested on the knowledge contained in the booklet during lessons and through quizzes on Show My Homework.

Autumn Term 1 

Subject Knowledge Organisers


Extra Curricular Activities 

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Year 8 In News and Pictures

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Year 8 Return to School 

Year 8 have returned to Springwood this autumn with eagerness and readiness for the challenges that lay ahead.  They have taken well to the new routines, and responded with positivity to the request to wear face masks when travelling around the school.  I have been impressed with their maturity.

Form Tutors nominated four students that stood out to them as making an exceptional return to life at Springwood.  The reasons ranged from being organised and positive in lessons, determination, collection of achievement points, trying new things, positive attitude and seeking support when needed.  It was pleasing as their Head of Year to hear such amazing things about those students.

Congratulations to Keira, Max, Chloe, Cody, Ava-Leigh , Tayla May , Gracie-May , Sorei, Salma, Maria Oliveira, Seth, Caiden, Maddy, India-Rose, William, Grace, Emily, Timothy, Natalia, Merry, Sara, Jess, Ethan, Imilis, Connor, Kevin, Natalie, Lexie, Charlie-Marie, Harvey, Sara, Oliver, Modestas, Billy, Tricia, Ruby, Hasan, Jessica, Matas, and Zara.


The forty students were rewarded with cookies during tutor time and as you can see from the pictures they were enjoyed by all.

Let’s keep up this great work year 8 – Miss Davies & Mrs Saxby.



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Calendar 2021

Useful Websites

The Relax Kids Chill Skills Programme
The Relax Kids Chill Skills programme has been specifically devised to help enhance learning potential, improve confidence and develop emotional literacy, equipping young people with the tools to manage their mood, emotion and behaviour in a positive way. Regular relaxation and self esteem sessions can also raise achievement and improve exam results. 

If you would like to know more have a look at the Relax Kids website: