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Food Preparation and Nutrition 

In Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8), all students will have food lessons where they are taught about healthy eating, where food comes from, food safety and how to prepare a range of healthy (mainly savoury) dishes.  

Parents are expected to provide ingredients and students are tasked with weighing and measuring them before coming to school as their homework for the week. We've chosen dishes which are reasonably priced to make - but some help to provide ingredients can be given to Pupil Premium students.

The recipe booklet for KS3 is attached. Lists of ingredients, along with the dates your child will be cooking, will also appear on the Show my Homework website. Failure to bring ingredients will impact on a student's 'Attitude to Learning' score.

Great care is taken to ensure that food is prepared safely and hygienically. We are a 'nut-free' zone and will also take account of any other food intolerances, allergies or other factors affecting food choice (eg religious or moral beliefs) by making changes to the recipes. As students become more confident, we also actively encourage them to adapt recipes to suit the tastes of their families.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us in the Technology Department.

To download the recipe bookley please click on the link below: