Year 11

Head of Year: Mrs K Williams
Year Officer: Mrs R Saxby



Year 11 Learning Journey 


Year 11 Planning for Success Evening - Thursday 4th October 2018

The evening is organised into two sessions which will rotate as follows:-

Session 1:  Tutor Group 11B1, 11F1, 11H1, 11O1 & 11S1 arrive for a 6.00pm start with a  presentation in the Drama Studio.  You will then get a chance to discuss revision materials and the new exam changes with some subjects in the 6th Form Social Area at 6.45pm.

Session 2: Tutor Group 11B2, 11F2, 11H2, 11O2 & 11S2 arrive for a 6.00pm start in the 6th Form Social Area where you will get a chance to discuss revision materials and the new exam changes with some subjects before a presentation in the Drama Studio at 6.45pm.

The School Shop will be open between 6.00pm and 8.00pm.

To download the letter and reply slip to return to Mrs Saxby by 28th September please click here.

If you were unable to attend or would like further information from the evening please click on the link below to download the handout given to all parents:

Revision Guides

Year 11 -Stepping Up Event - Thursday 10th January 2019

A 'Stepping Up' event will be held on Thursday 10th January 2019 for year 11s to help them prepare for the next six months. The evening will consist of presentations and workshops. For further information on what you can expect from the evening please see below:


Year 11 Progress  Evening - Thursday 14th March 2019

This evening will be your opportunity to meet with individual subject teachers for the first time this academic year and discuss your child’s progress so far.  Some parents and students will also be given a face to face meeting with a member of the Senior Leadership Team, and Mrs Saxby will contact you to arrange these.

Year 11 students had an assessment fortnight at the beginning of February and during the  Progress Evening you will be able to discuss these exam results and your son/daughter’s strengths and weaknesses, thus helping the students to hone their revision schedule.

The final few weeks of school can have a huge impact on your child’s GCSE results. Continued hard work, a bespoke learning plan and the right attitude will stand students in good stead. Please continue to work with us by attending this important evening.

Appointments with individual teachers can be booked through the following website  which can be accessed from the 28th February 2019. If you have any problems accessing this please contact Mrs Saxby, Pastoral Manager for Year 11 on 01553 778092 or email

For further information about the evening and to download the reply slip please click here.


Year 11 Newsletters

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Revision Timetables

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Year Book

To commemorate the end of your school journey, year 11 students can purchase a year book that records and highlights the past five years of your schooling.

The book will contain pictures, past and present, words of wisdom from members of staff as well as details of other events that  you have taken part in over the years.

Copies are available to purchase for £10 each and orders need to be received before the 24th May 2019. For further instruction on how to purchase please download the the order form here.

Reserve your copy now so that in years to come you can reminisce about your time here at Springwood High School

Letters to Parents

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Year 11 Prom - 28th June 2019

This years end of school prom will be held on Friday 28th June 2019 and the theme is 'A Night at the Oscars'

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