Parent, Teacher, Friends Association

The Springwood Parent, Teacher, Friends Association or PTFA has recently been reformed as we feel it is an excellent way to bring together parents, teachers and the local community, to raise money and help support the school.

It provides an opportunity for everyone to work together to:

  • Raise funds to help the school provide resources and extra for the pupils.
  • Provide support for school trips and outings and other special events.

All parents, teachers and school staff can get involved even if they only have a small amount of time available.  You may wish to join the committee and be involved in the organisation, or just be available to serve teas and coffees at PTFA events - you may even just like to provide the odd cake here and there!

Whatever you preferred commitment, large or small, the Springwood PTFA would be very grateful for your help.

Please email : for further information or to express an interest or ask for an expression of interest form (see link opposite).

  1. PTFA Assistance Request Form
  2. PTFA Letter