Holkham News January

Holkham News January


Cake and  Shake for  for the following students from Holkham House, congratulations to them all: 

Year 8:  Lexis Bedeser, Libby Blankley, Enya Cabreros, Hannah Coe, Louise Garrod, Ewan Harvey, Emma Harveyk Mason Higby, Smantha Leet, Claire Mellor, Jake Rowe, Holly Rowe and Archisha Tripurneni.

Year 9:  Lucy Girdlestone,Daisy Key,
Year 10:  Lauren Carson, Paris Fodden
Year 11:  Maya Engledow, Emily Houseman, Olivia McKenzie

Missing from picture:  Lauren Greengrass, Lauren Kitney-Foster,Joseph Pembery, Georgina Bunting, Paris Larham,Penny Carter, Jennifer Curry, Zachariah Oglesby, Bethany Shaw, Lauren Smith, Jack goldsmith, Caitlin Kitney-Foster